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Nagoya (Toyota Automobile Museum) - Aichi Prefecture

If like ourselves, you like art in the form of automobiles, the Toyota Automobile Museum is a must-do!

A convenient & stunning break from long drives via Nagoya, where you will be able to get up close with great access enabling you to see the most beautiful collection of cars and memorabilia that Japan has to offer.

Although it's Toyota's museum, this is by no means a collection of this manufacturer's cars, but a rich medley of many influential designs of cars from all over the world.

All are beautifully presented and for the car enthusiast, this is a very exciting stop, on the way to seeing Japan's more conventional sights!

It's clear to us, the people involved with creating the Toyota Automobile Museum, are truly car enthusiasts. The collection is amazing!

Cars are so beautifully presented, it's possible to just lose hours here, if not an entire day looking closely at beautiful designs spanning decades.

From the very first vehicles of the 19th Century, all the way to a few of the most influential more recent vehicles.

(Wheel of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost from the early years of the 20th Century)

Stunning to see how design has changed. Today, perhaps sadly, these mascots would be considered pedestrian safety hazards!.

But there's no denying, many of the cars on display are stunningly beautiful.

The displays are thoughtfully presented & lit, so you can take beautiful pictures and get very close to these dream cars.

Each time we drive to further destinations we treat ourselves to a stop at this museum. A must for all car enthusiasts.

And there's a great hall of classic car related toys, posters and other memorabilia.

If you're a car nut - Don't miss this stop. Just type in the museum name and Google Maps will find your way there!

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